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Flank Steak Australia

✓ Grain Fed
✓ Wet maturation
✓ Lean
✓ Fine marbling


5,25  / 100 g

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Flank steak

The flank steak is a thin and lean muscle. It is particularly suitable for short frying and is particularly known in the USA among barbecue fans for its intense, aromatic taste. A fine marbling and fine fibers characterize this section.

Black Angus Australia

Black Angus cattle provide meat with an excellent taste. Especially when they live as freely and naturally as they do on Jack’s Creek Farm. The Australian breeding family Warmoll is the third generation to run the family business in the vastness of New South Wales. The cattle grow up in the pleasantly temperate climate in combined pasture and grain rearing, free of any chemicals or artificial feed additives. In doing so, they develop sensationally marbled, tasty top meat. The company has already won the globally recognized World Steak Challenge several times. The meat matures on its way to Europe in refrigerated containers at 0-2 degrees (wet maturation).

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