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King of Salt Salt Spray 100ml

Bad Essen primeval sea water
Delicacy to spray
High mineral content, unique taste


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8,50  / 100 ml

product contains: 100 ml

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Spray delicacy: King of Salt salt spray forms the basis of King of Salt products. It is made by hand from 220 million year old, 100% natural primeval sea water in the manufactory of King of Salt. High mineral content, unique taste.
Culinary Ambassador Lower Saxony 2012 and winner of the GastroVision Award 2012.


Spray salt spray on meat, poultry, fish and vegetables during frying and cooking or use it to season the table. The meat does not lose any juice, the vegetables stay crisp. Tip: If the spray head gets clogged (common with natural salt spray), hold the bottle briefly under running water and pump a few times.


Bad Essen primeval sea water

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