🍷 from 99€ we give you a bottle of Nederburg wine – selection in shopping cart 🍷

🍷 from 99€ we give you a bottle of Nederburg wine – selection in shopping cart 🍷

Chefs Choice Tasting

✓ Iberico Pluma
✓ Scottish dry aged lamb salmon
✓ Italian wild buffalo fillet
✓ US Nebraska Black Angus fillet
✓ XO Roast Beef Austria
✓ Japanese 100% Wagyu fillet in marbling level A5 (highest possible marbling in Germany)
✓ Fresh

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Peter Kipper
31. Januar, 2022.
POSTIV: Auswahl, Service, Mitarbeiter, Qualität, Nachhaltigkeit, Freundlichkeit Beste Fleischauswahl! sehr kompetenter, freundlicher Service auch am Telefon, schnelle Lieferung inkl. Einhaltung der Kühlkette. Der Online Shop ist gewöhnungsbedürftig - aber aufgrund der Qualität der Waren und der schnellen Lieferung kann man da keinen Punkt abziehen. Wir bestellen ganz klar wieder. Grosses Lob an das Team von The Meat Club. Tip: Sollte Bezahlsystem nicht funktionieren: Einfach anrufen - kompetente Mitarbeiter können Euer Problem sofort lösen - selber erlebt! P.S.: Verbessert bitte den OnlineShop gerade im Bezug Bezahlsystem. 😉
José Lopez
30. Januar, 2022.
Nette Bedienung und gutes Produkt, die Qualität hat aber seinen Preis.
Nima99 0
26. Januar, 2022.
A5 Wagyu Filet Bestellt Online. Pünktlich angekommen und perfekt verpackt. 10/10
Andreas Kretschmar
26. Januar, 2022.
Für Fleischliebhaber oder die es noch werden wollen.
19. Januar, 2022.
Waren heute zum Tasting da und es war einfach super lecker. Tolles Team und sehr freundlich. Ich habe noch nie so gutes Fleisch gegessen. Danke für den tollen Abend
Sarah R.
14. Januar, 2022.
Wir sind heute spontan zum Mittagessen vorbeigekommen. Es gab zauberhafte Iberico Schweinebäckchen mit Sellerie-Trüffelpüree. Wir waren begeistert. Auch die Auswahl an Produkten ist hervorragend.
M. P.
7. Januar, 2022.
Super Auswahl und Qualität
27. Dezember, 2021.
Unfassbar qualitatives Fleisch!


  • Iberico Pluma,
  • Scottish dry aged lamb salmon,
  • Italian wild buffalo fillet,
  • US Nebraska Black Angus fillet,
  • XO Roast Beef Austria
  • Japanese 100% Wagyu fillet in marbling level A5 (highest possible marbling in Germany)



With the Meat Tasting, you get meat in its perfection straight to your home.
The aromas that characterize each of these incomparable varieties already unfold during preparation.
In your chic The Meat Club cool box you will find a description of the individual types of meat and tips on how to best prepare them.
We portion your meat tasting for 1, 2 or 4 people. So you can simply order the amount of meat that you can eat.

XO Beef from Austria

XO Beef stands for “Extra Old Beef” and is the slowly matured meat of old pasture milk cows from the Austrian Alpine and Alpine foothills. It is thanks to small farmers who still take the time to keep animals on pasture for many summers. The great meat has an exceptionally beautiful marbling, is wonderfully tender and tastes simply fantastic.


The pluma comes from the back quarter of the Iberico pig. The upper layer of fat protects the meat while it is cooking and at the same time keeps it nice and juicy. The even, delicate marbling is responsible for this. The distinctive taste of the cut is best brought out by grilling or roasting.

roast beef

The roast beef is part of the beef hind quarter. Its distinctly high, soft fat lid protects the meaty meat when roasting. Since, unlike entrecôte, it only consists of a single muscle strand, it is easy to cook. Its distinctive, distinctive taste, which gets its juiciness from the beautiful, even marbling, develops best on the grill or in the pan.

Donald Russell Lamb

The Aberdeenshire butcher’s shop has been producing to the highest quality standards for over 40 years.
Donald Russell has also been the official purveyor to the royal family for over 30 years. The species-appropriate free-range husbandry is a basic requirement for the sensational meat quality.

Japanese Wagyu

The most valuable meat in the world comes from Japan: Original Wagyu cattle are not only characterized by the high degree of marbling of their meat. Compared to other types of cattle, such as the Angus cattle, they are particularly large and sturdy in stature. A maximum of 34 cows may be kept per farm to ensure that the animals receive enough care. Artificial growth hormones are dispensed with in rearing, as is antibiotics. Their meat is not only low in cholesterol and rich in nutrients, it also tastes wonderfully aromatic and melts on the tongue. In contrast to other cattle, the fat in the meat of Wagyū cattle is not punctiform, but distributed evenly in very fine marbling in the muscle meat.

US Nebraska Beef

The American beef comes from grazing cattle of the Lim-Flex breed, a cross between Black Angus and Limousin, the rearing of which ends with a balanced diet of grain. The cattle grow up on large pastures in Nebraska for around 24 months and at the end of their pasture rearing are given a feed mixture of maize, grain, hay and alfalfa.

The delicate and fine taste stands out clearly from the meat of the mostly grass-fed cattle from Europe and South America. The fine distribution of the fatty tissue (marbling) characterizes the quality of the meat and is the result of the special feeding.

Beef fillet

The fillet is the beef’s most sought-after muscle. It’s soft as butter and lies under the back muscle – an area that is almost never used. Therefore, the meat is particularly fine-grained and lean. Only two percent of the beef can be used as fillet. In the USA, the fillet is also called tenderloin.

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