📦 FREE express shipping from 119 € – 🌞 summer offers

📦 FREE express shipping from 119 € – 🌞 summer offers

3-course summer menu

✓ Simply prepare the last steps yourself

✓ Instructions in a few steps

✓ Enjoy a fresh and exclusive 3-course menu


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Out of stock

Our SUMMER menu

Refined, tasty and guaranteed to succeed even inexperienced cooks

1st gear


Self-pickled Odenwald salmon trout on marinated beluga lentils with root vegetables, beetroot horseradish sour cream and fig walnut bread.

2nd gear


US Flapmeat on Sousvide-cooked asparagus, with lemons and jungle pepper in a Bernaise sauce.

3rd gear


Chessecake with a liquid core on rhubarb-strawberry-vanilla

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