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F1 Wagyu Filet 6/7 Australia

✓G rain Fed
Wet ripening

62,25 249,00 

24,90  / 100 g

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Australian Wagyu

The Wagyu cattle breed originally comes from Japan. For centuries the animals were kept exclusively as work animals and their meat was forbidden to eat for religious reasons. It was not until 1868 that the Japanese emperor issued an edict and released the noble animals for consumption.
The favorable climate, the fertile land and huge pastures of Australia favor the breeding of the noble cattle there. They can be grazed all year round in the islands’ temperate climate. The Australian Wagyu is fed with grain mash for up to 300 days. This is what distinguishes this Wagyu meat significantly from Wagyu from countries of origin such as the USA, New Zealand or Germany.

Beef fillet

The fillet is the beef’s most sought-after muscle. It’s soft as butter and lies under the back muscle – an area that is almost never used. Therefore, the meat is particularly fine-grained and lean. Only two percent of the beef can be used as fillet. In the USA, the fillet is also called tenderloin.

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