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Fillet of beef Centercut dry aged United Kingdom Scotland

Grass feeding
✓D ry Aged
✓S honestly tender

32,25 129,00 

12,90  / 100 g

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Aberdeen Angus Scotland

Our producer Donald Russell has been producing to the highest quality standards in the Aberdeenshire butcher’s shop for over 40 years. Donald Russell has also been the official purveyor to the royal family for over 30 years. The species-appropriate free-range husbandry is a basic requirement for the sensational meat quality. The breed of cattle is called Aberdeen Angus. The whole saddle of beef is matured on the bones for 21 days using the dry age process. This is how the meat gets its unmistakable taste.

Beef fillet

The fillet is the beef’s most sought-after muscle. It’s soft as butter and lies under the back muscle – an area that is almost never used. Therefore, the meat is particularly fine-grained and lean. Only two percent of the beef can be used as fillet. In the USA, the fillet is also called tenderloin.

The Meat Club - More than Taste

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